Drug and alcohol addiction treatment

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It’s important that loved-ones realise that the choices of a person with an addiction are not the rational choices of an individual with their full faculties. Individuals suffering from addiction are not only likely to make poor choices due to the substances they use, but also due to the changes in their brain that these substances cause.

Therefore trying to persuade an individual to stop drinking can be an extremely frustrating and often a fruitless task and can cause friction on both sides. However, while direct attacks and persuasion are unlikely to bring about change, this is not to say that individuals should not be encouraged to consider the effects their alcohol abuse is having.

But in most cases, this needs to come in the form of support and understanding rather than accusation or assault, and while encouraging an individual to seek help for their addiction can help promote long-term recovery, the opposite approach can lead to even more detrimental behaviours.

But no matter what you may say to an individual, ultimately it always needs to be their choice to seek help, and if this can be achieved, alongside love and support from friends and family, there is a much better chance of long-term recovery.

Alcohol Detox Treatment

Alcohol detox treatment can be a lifesaving experience for some people. For those who suffer from alcohol dependency, they may be so used to relying on alcohol to help them cope with their lives that they do not even recognise that they are suffering from an illness. However, although this may have benefits in the short term, in that it reduces anxiety or helps people to block out the unpleasant aspects of their lives, in reality, it is having a devastating impact on many other areas of peoples’ health, including their mental well-being.

What is Detoxification?

  • Detoxification is the use of prescribed medication to minimize or prevent the occurrence of drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
  • In the case of alcohol or some other sedative drugs such as diazepam, uncontrolled withdrawal can cause damage and may even be fatal in some circumstances.
  • In these instances, detoxification is absolutely essential for medical reasons.
  • For other substances such as heroin, although withdrawal is not life-threatening, it is usually so uncomfortable that detoxification is necessary to successfully cease use of the substance.


What Happens After the Detox?

  • The most important point to stress is that detox is all about stopping alcohol or drug use – but it has nothing whatsoever to do with staying sober.
  • Detox on its own, with no follow-up care usually leads to relapse in due course.
  • It is essential that ongoing psychological care is provided to continue immediately following the completion of detox if relapse is to be prevented.


How Long Does it Take to Detox?

For many people, how long to detox from alcohol is their primary concern, as they may be worried about withdrawal symptoms, or about the impact alcoholism treatment may have on their home lives or careers. Alcoholism detoxification is not necessarily a long process, however, it is also important to be aware that this is only the first step.

Once an individual has completed a detox, further work is required to help them achieve long-term sobriety; but the positives outcomes that can be gained from this are immeasurable and help inspire people to achieve their goals.

Get Advice Now

We know how difficult it is to start on the road to recovery. Call now on 0800 326 5591 to speak with our dedicated team who will help you develop a plan to maximise your opportunity for success. We offer a holistic approach to care planning taking into account your individual needs and preferences.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed! Sometimes it can be hard to encourage people to recognise the negative impact that their drinking is having on their lives, and this can cause frustration to those around the individual. But the fact that so many people have been able to recognise and address their alcoholism, and are able to maintain their recovery, helps show that success is possible.