About us

About us

This website is dedicated to covering news related to addiction and mental health issues as they apply to veterans and serving military personnel. We are not affiliated with the US Government nor the official Arlington Cemetery.

We are here to publish information that aims to support those affected by mental illness attributable to their service in the military. It really does no matter which branch of the military those suffering from mental issues served their time.

We attempt to cover stories affecting all military personnel and veterans not matter which branch of the military they may have served currently or the past.

We believe mental health issues affecting these people are not given the attention they deserve, and we sincerely hope the stories we share on this website will serve to improve this unacceptable situation.

We accept editorial input from a wide range of people. If you would like to write for us, then contact our editor, Josh Page, today.

Those serving in the military often only begin to experience mental health issues once they have left the services. For this reason, a lot of the content we publish focus on the plight of people who have already left the forces.

Whilst it is true that many of the mental health issues suffered by ex-military personnel are similar in nature to those experienced by the general population, there are some key differences.

For instance, those who have served in the military are much more likely to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse. We tailor our content to precisely deal with these issues that affect military and ex-military personnel.

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