This website is dedicated to covering news related to addiction and mental health issues as they apply to veterans and serving military personnel. We are not affiliated with the US Government nor the official Arlington Cemetery. We are here to publish information that aims to support those affected by mental illness attributable to their service in the military. It really does no matter which branch of the military those suffering from mental issues served their time. We attempt to cover stories affecting all military personnel and veterans not matter which branch of the military they may have served currently or the past. We believe mental health issues affecting these people are not given the attention they deserve, and we sincerely hope the stories we share on this website will

Issues We Cover

Tackling PTSD

PTSD is perhaps the most well-known mental health condition affecting current and past military personnel.  For this reason, this topic is covered heavily on this website.

Addiction & Recovery

Addiction is also well-known for affecting military and ex-military personnel.  We cover all aspects of addiction including drug addiction, alcoholism, and behavioral addictions.

Personal Stories

Personal stories are perhaps the most important aspect of this website. If you would like to publish your personal story relating to your mental health, then contact our editor today.

Influencing Policy

We aim to make a real difference by bringing the issues we cover on this website to those who are in charge of making our laws. We believe this aspect of our work has the potential to make a long and lasting change to how mental illnesses are perceived.

What We Can Do

Tackling PTSD

Experts agree that the most effective form of treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a combined package of both medication and psychotherapy. PTSD, as the name would suggest, is caused by traumatic events. When people experience

Influencing Government Policy

Whilst we appreciate that policy-making is the role of elected Governments, we still unapologetically reserve the right to protest issues that align with our values. When it comes to furthering the causes of people deeply impacted by their time in the

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment

We provide advice on drinking and alcohol addiction for current and ex-military personnel. To find out about our locally based services, either call us now on 0800 326 5591 or fill in our online local alcohol help form to request advice and information by

Organisations we support

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Our partners

Arlington Cemetery has partnered with some of the brightest minds in professional addiction recovery. Our partners include well-known helplines such as alcohol rehab London, the NHS, the Samaritans, and alcohol rehab Birmingham. Each year, our partners save countless lives by offering an ear to talk to at a critical time in people’s lives. We are proud to partner with these free services and we fully recommend these services to our readers. We have partnered with these organisations merely because we feel these organisations hold shared values with ourselves in helping people overcome mental health issues and stigma that comes hand-in-hand with conditions of this nature.

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